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Won $25 at Sashimi Japanese Steakhouse!

I entered into Sashimi’s Gift Certificate giveaway and actually won!  Not only is Sashimi my favorite Japanese Steakhouse in town, but now I have $25 more to spend there. 🙂 If you like Hibachi or Sushi I suggest going to Maumelle to give them a try.  I eat there every Monday and sometimes even on […]

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Sweet and Savory Cod Recipe

By Todd Barron @ I came up with a sweet and savory fish recipe last night and the family really enjoyed it.  I keep the calories down by pan-frying and baking in the oven, instead of deep-frying. I also rely on sweet raisins and spicy peppers instead of a heavy sauce.  It does use […]

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Pork Cutlets with Garlic Potaotes and Mushroom Sauce

By Todd Barron @ I made pork cutlets with mushroom sauce the other night and everyone in the house had an empty plate to put in the sink afterwards.  They were healthy but very flavorful and a huge hit. They may seem difficult by the number of ingredients, but in reality it all was done in a short time.  While […]


Big Orange in Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ Big Orange is a burger/salad/shakes restaurant which opened very recently in the Promenade shopping center on Chenal Parkway in Little Rock, AR.  The owners of the restaurant also own Zaza’s Pizza in Little Rock, among other places, and indicates to me they plan to make Big Orange a chain (since […]


Salmon Filet Recipe, Good for Many Uses

By Todd Barron @ Several of the dinners I cook on a regular basis contain salmon.  I buy a “side” of salmon from Sam’s Club, marinate it for six hours, slice it into 2″ wide pieces, vacuum seal two pieces at a time with a Food Saver vacuum sealer, and freeze it for later.  This allows me […]

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BBQ Time this Weekend

By Todd Barron @ I am doing a lot of BBQ’ing for some friends coming over this weekend: 15 pound brisket 7 pound pork shoulder 24 chicken thighs 10 pounds of baby back ribs I put a dry rub on the brisket and the ribs and a wet rub on the pork shoulder.  All […]

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Cheers for Dinner in Maumelle

By Todd Barron @ I have already written about Cheer’s in Maumelle for lunch a couple of times and have had good results.  Regardless of a previously bad attempt at dinner, my wife and I gave it another try a couple of weekends ago and had a great time. The restaurant in Maumelle is expanding […]

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Main Street Food Truck Festival

By Todd Barron @ As I posted about this past weekend, the Arkansas Main Street Food Festival ran from 11am to 7pm Saturday and featured music, crafts, and of course, food trucks! My wife and I showed up at 11:30am, which turned out to be the perfect time, as we were able to try […]