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International House of Pancakes aka IHOP

By Todd Barron @ Growing up, I used to love going to IHOP for breakfast. I remember ordering pancakes just so I could use the variety of syrups they have on the table. When one opened in our neighborhood, the memories came pouring back and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I typically […]

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Filet Mignon and Artichoke Topping

By Todd Barron @ Steak with Artichoke Topping I cook dinner quite often and every once and a while I make something that “pops”. The other night I made filet Mignon with a baked artichoke topping, fresh pasta, and an Alfredo sauce.  The food was amazing and tasted as good as it looks in the […]

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Xanthan Gum – Thick Sauces without the Fat

By Todd Barron @ Have you ever had a low-fat salad dressing and wondered why it was so thick?  In most cooking recipes, flour, corn starch, or butter, are used as a thickening agent.  The problem is these items all have a lot of calories (and the butter has fat.)  So, how do they do it […]

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American Pie Pizza in Maumelle

By Todd Barron @ I went with my wife and youngest son to American Pie Pizza the other night and had a really good time.  American Pie Pizza has more than one location but I’ve always gone to the one in Maumelle.  They have a very wide open area to sit in with tables in the […]