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Santo Coyote in North Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ Foodie Special Fajitas Santo Coyote restaurant in North Little Rock, Arkansas, offers up-scale Mexican food, without the up-scale price. For one thing, they don’t serve the low-quality food I have come to expect from the dozens of Mexican restaurants around town.  Although you can find burritos, enchiladas, and ground […]

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Thomas’ Bagel Thins

By Todd Barron @ I really enjoy bagels but they are typically high in calories.  This fact prevents me from enjoying often, but Thomas has a new product called Bagel Thins that allow me to indulge without the guilt.  I found some at the local Kroger Grocery Store and bought a package. The first […]

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Dugan’s Pub – Bar Food in Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ I was working late the other night, in Downtown Little Rock, and John Farmer, a co-worker, invited me to Dugan’s Pub for a beer and some food.  Although the food was sure to be outside of my diet, I accepted the invite and joined along with a few other co-workers. […]

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Kentucky Fried Chicken

By Todd Barron @ On the way back from visiting a client the other day, the group I was with was hungry and wanted to stop for a quick dinner.  Kentucky Fried Chicken was not my first choice given my long-standing desire to eat healthy food, but was one of only a few choices […]

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Flying Fish in Downtown Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ There are not many places I can eat out at during the week due to my dietary preferences.  Typically I eat a turkey sandwich, grilled fish, sushi, or something else very low in calories and fat.  Luckily for me, Flying Fish of Little Rock is a block away from where […]