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P.F. Chang’s Chinese Bistro in Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ My wife, kids, and I wanted something quick but we also did not want any suprises.  Given the requirements, we settled on the chain of chinese restaurants called P.F. Chang’s Chinese Bistro. I have seen several P.F. Chang’s around the country, and hold them in same regard as Chili’s, Olive Garden, and […]


Amruth Indian Cuisine, Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ A few months ago I purchased a Groupon for $20 worth of Indian food for $10 from Amruth Authentic Indian Cuisine in Little Rock.  It is set to expire on June 28th so I go ahead and order some takeout today.  It’s not within my diet but the coupon is about to […]

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Fish Tacos, Healthy but Tasty

By Todd Barron @ PrintFish Tacos Rating: 51 Prep Time: 30 minutesCook Time: 10 minutesTotal Time: 40 minutes I made fish tacos the other night and my family loved them (even the kids!)Friends and family on Facebook saw my creation and wanted to try them, so I made them again this last weekend at […]

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Neptune’s Oyster, Seafood in Boston

By Todd Barron @ Once again I find myself was walking around Boston.  Heads down into my Zagat Restaurant Guide, I run across a small restaurant with high marks in the taste category.  I personally do not care about decor or service; therefore, high marks in taste peaks my interest.  The place is named Neptune’s […]

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Gourmet Dumpling House, Chinatown in Boston

By Todd Barron @ I have been in the hotel in Boston for four days and it is time to venture out more than a few blocks. Sure, it is raining, and the temperature has not broken sixty degrees all week, but I am tired of going to nearby places. I find myself wandering around […]

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Calamari Steaks with Tomato Sauce

By Todd Barron @ I really enjoy cooking with calamari steaks.  They are listed as a Power Food by Weight Watchers and with good reason.  Calamari steaks are low in calories and have zero fat, and they contain many elements necessary in good, healthy food.  Not only are they low in calories and fat, […]

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Sultan’s Kitchen, Turkish Takeout in Boston

By Todd Barron @ Sultan’s Kitchen in Boston is a small restaurant, open since 1981, that offers grilled Turkish foods such as kabobs and other non-grilled items, such as salads and dips.  Did I mention it is small?  Like most places in Boston it is very small, but the food is good and the prices […]


The Grotto, Cozy Italian Food in Boston

By Todd Barron @ My wife and I are walking around downtown Boston, looking for a place to eat dinner at on Sunday, and  it is drizzling.  It is also somewhat cold out, especially for May, and it is getting dark. Up ahead I notice a local bar, but before we get to it I also see a […]