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Fish & Chips at Epcot in Disney World

By Todd Barron @ I went to the 17th Annual Food & Wine Festival in Disney World this year and have many experiences (and pictures) to go along with all of the great food.  As a teaser, here is a picture of the Fish and Chips I had in the UK Pavilion.  They have […]

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Another Good Find in the River-Market, Mason’s Deli

By Todd Barron @ The food service joints in the River-Market may not be large or fancy, but several of them serve up good grub for the lunch crowd. I did not have long for lunch the other day but stopped at Mason’s Deli and ordered the Turkey Reuben with Thousand Island Dressing ($6.99).  […]

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Great Food from a Small Booth at The River-Market

By Todd Barron @ It is 1:30pm and I do not have much time to eat lunch.  Where to go?  I know, the River-market which is down the block from my office.  The problem is my past experiences there proved less than ideal there in the food arena.  Regardless of the past, I give […]


Taj Mahal in Little Rock Arkansas

By Todd Barron @ The buffet hearkens to me, reaching deep into my soul with it’s siren call of indulgence and near-limitless food.  There it is, in all it’s glory with multiple steam-trays filled with tasty goodness.  Chicken, beef, shrimp, rice, and even dessert beckon me!  Alas, I broke the shackles of heft […]