Trio of Tacos at Local Lime in Little Rock

Carnitas, Veggie, and Skirt Steak Tacos

Carnitas, Veggie, and Skirt Steak Tacos

Local Lime is a casual restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating (which is closed-in and heated during the winter,) with booths, tables, and a bar.  The bar is in the middle of the fray and I have never seen an empty seat at it.  Also be aware of wait times as it is not uncommon to wait an hour or more for a seat during “prime time” hours.  Send someone ahead of your arrival to book a table and you will receive a text message when it is ready.  You can always shop at the outdoor mall while you wait!

They have several appetizers to choose from, quesos, local nachos, and more, and also have a variety of taco plates to choose from.  You can either have three of the same kind of taco, with two sides, or you can go alacarte and buy them individually for $3.85.  It is cheaper to buy the plate of tacos but I personally don’t like any of them enough to have three of the same kind.

Their “specialty” is the margarita, which is very good.  It is not tart at all and goes down more easily than it should.  Be careful or you may find yourself on “just one more” when you should abstain!  They like to push the frozen version but I prefer mine on the rocks.

I ate lunch at Local Lime in Little Rock this weekend and tried three different tacos: the carnitas, the veggie, and the skirt steak. I liked the skirt steak taco the most, followed by the veggie, and finally the carnitas. I recommend either the steak or veggie if you try them.  Also of note is their queso, which comes with fresh corn and jalapenos in it, and their margaritas on the rocks.  The only thing I have tried there which I do not like are the fish tacos.  They are okay but lack depth of flavor.

They have a simple menu, are more expensive than many, but offer quality food in return.

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