Cheers Albequerque Turkey Sandwich

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Albuquerque Turkey Sandwich

I went to Cheer’s Restaurant in Maumelle again the other day for lunch and ordered the Albuquerque Turkey ($6.99) sandwich with the optional sweet potato fries.

They describe the sandwich as “Sliced turkey, hot cheese, Cattleman’s sauce, guacamole, sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on wheat” and the description they use is accurate. 

The bread was nicely grilled and the sandwich came with a decent amount of turkey, fresh tomato, slices of avacado, a small amount of sprouts, and very little cheese (the way I like it).  The whole thing was topped with a mild BBQ sauce.  I personally like to order the Albuquerque Turkey sandwich because it’s not too high in calories given other options.

One nice addition they have is the option to order sweet potato fries instead of chips or potato fries.  I really wish they were baked instead of fried, but it’s a better option than normal fries or chips.  I REALLY wish they would add an optional side of fruit or vegetables to your choices, hint hint. 😉

The sandwich was grilled perfectly and while a little messy, the sandwich tasted great and was very fulfilling.  The sweet potato fries were so good that I ate more of them than I wanted to.  They came with a honey dipping sauce that had a nice mild sweetness to it.

I’ve always liked the Albuquerque Turkey sandwich and will be back in the future to get it again.  I didn’t like the Garden Burger much in my last review of Cheer’s but you can’t really blame them for the quality of a pre-packed food item.  Give them a try!

Cheers In Maumelle
(501) 851-6200
1901 Club Manor Dr Ste C
Maumelle, AR 72113

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