Road Warrior Special – Quiznos Sub

By Todd Barron @

Turkey and Swiss

If you travel for work, you know how hard it is to eat healthy food while on the road.  Airports, hotels, and fast-food restaurants offer few healthy options.

The problem is, most people do not choose healthy options which results in fewer options for those of us who do.

In this road warrior article I’m focusing on a healthy option while traveling through many of the airports in the United States.

Quiznos Sub can be found in many airports around the nation and while they have many tasty looking options, most of them are based on beef, pork, or chicken smothered in cheese and sauce.  Their sandwich board many look great, but I can almost hear my arteries clogging when looking at the menu.

One item that stands out to while waiting for my plane to start boarding is the Turkey, Ranch, and Swiss sub.  The word “Ranch” automatically sends my calorie-alarm buzzing so I order the sandwich on wheat bread without the Ranch.  This results in a slightly dry sub sandwich, but I make up with it by adding jalapeno peppers.

The lady who is serving me today has the personality of a moss overrun brick, but my sub is prepared well and has plenty of vegetables on it.  The bread is slightly toasted and overall, the meal is edible.  Airports are not known for their cuisine but the sandwich does the trick and I feel plenty full afterwards.  In the future I can see ordering the sub again.

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