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Meat Deluxe Pizza

I went with my wife and youngest son to American Pie Pizza the other night and had a really good time.  American Pie Pizza has more than one location but I’ve always gone to the one in Maumelle. 

They have a very wide open area to sit in with tables in the middle and booths along the edges.  There is a private room you can use for large parties and sometimes they open it to the public when they are busy. 

Televisions line the area for watching sports games, boxing, and other shows that you may not want to miss.  I really like going there to watch the Razorback’s play while having a nice pizza.  They also have a small arcade with a few machines for the kids (or adults) to play and a prize crane.  My son really enjoys going to American Pie as he plays the games while we wait for the food to arrive.

Their food reminds me of U.S. Pizza Company and I’ve heard that the people who started American Pie used to work with the folks at U.S. Pizza Company.  In fact, the food is almost identical, down to the huge topping heavy salads.  The primary difference is in service as American Pie has much more attentive wait-staff.  I used to like U.S. Pizza a lot, but they got lazy from a wait-staff perspective and I don’t enjoy going there much anymore.

For the visit we ordered two pizzas, a large Meat Deluxe Pizza ($16.99) and a Medium Pepperoni Pizza ($8.99).  Both pizzas came out quickly and looked great.  The Meat Deluxe has pepperoni, beef, sausage, Italian sausage, and Canadian bacon on it.  I really enjoy the sliced sausage on the pizza and it’s my favorite topping to have there. 

The pepperoni pizza had, well, pepperoni on it.  The sauce on their pizza has a nice spice to it and covers the pies well.  The blend of cheeses they use is just right as well and is never too much (or too little.)  All of their pizzas have a thin crust but it’s not too crunchy and I like it more than the doughy option you get at some other places.

Overall the pizza was great, as usual, and I look forward to my next visit.

(501) 758-8800
N Little Rock
9709 Maumelle Blvd
N Little Rock, AR 72113

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