Santo Coyote in North Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ Foodie

Special Fajitas

Santo Coyote restaurant in North Little Rock, Arkansas, offers up-scale Mexican food, without the up-scale price.

For one thing, they don’t serve the low-quality food I have come to expect from the dozens of Mexican restaurants around town.  Although you can find burritos, enchiladas, and ground beef tacos on the menu, they also offer other dishes that are quite tasty.

My family and I went the other night and had a good repeat experience from several weeks ago.  This tells me they are consistently good, which is always a nice thing when it comes to dining out.  We had the cheese dip for an appetizer and I order the special fajitas.

Cheese Dip

The cheese dip is on the thin side, but it has a good flavor and they give you plenty of chips to go with it.

I should mention that they have a large variety of tequilas as well and their large margarita is huge.  And by huge, I mean it’s the size of a large punch bowl.  You could easily serve two or three people with a single one.

The special fajitas come with chicken, steak, and chorizo sausage in a large hot bowl with plenty of seasoning.  The fajita meat is marinated, has a great flavor, and goes well with the tortillas they provide.  Overall I really liked the dish and ordered it for my repeat visit.  Both times it was great and is something I look forward to ordering again.

I tried my wife’s chicken fajitas and they tasted great as well.  My son’s quesadilla looked very good, although I did not try it.  Overall, we were very happy, and the price of everything was well worth it.  I will be going back in the near future.

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