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Trishna – Michelin Starred Indian Food in London, England

By Todd Barron @ I’m in London and while talking with a potential customer receive an invite to dinner at 6:30pm.  I love Indian food and the meeting notice has Trishna in the title.  After a quick search on Google I find that Trishna is an Indian restaurant that sits in the heart of London’s Marylebone Village […]

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Pork Tenderloin at Flying Fish in Disney World (Boardwalk)

By Todd Barron @ Pork Tenderloin seasonal item at Flying Fish in Disney World (on the Boardwalk.) Normally I try a fish dish there but the bartender suggested the pork. Wow, I was very happy with it! The pork is crusted in a 5-spice style mix, seared over the grill, and cooked in the […]

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Sky Japanese Restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas

By Todd Barron @ Sky Modern Japanese Restaurant opened in Little Rock, next to the Fresh Market, not too long ago and my wife and I stopped by for dinner the other night. Its Friday night, at 7pm, and the place is packed.  We are seated at the sushi bar, on the corner, but […]

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Ciao’s Italian Restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas

By Todd Barron @ On the way to take the kids to an event the other night we stopped at Ciao’s Italian Restaurant in Downtown Little Rock for a quiet dinner.  Ciao’s has been around for 24+ years and used to be a place I frequented for lunch with my mother when I was […]

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Wolfgang Pucks in Downtown Disney World, Florida

By Todd Barron @ It’s a beautiful day in Downtown Disney and we need someplace quick but healthy to eat at.  We end up in Wolfgang Pucks restaurant which is in the middle of Downtown Disney but on the back-side, by the lake. We are seated at a corner table with a wonderful view […]

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Flying Fish in Disney World, Florida

By Todd Barron @ I had a nice dinner at the Flying Fish in Disney World’s Boardwalk area the other night.  If you have never been there, you do not need tickets to enter the Boardwalk area.  They have a few restaurants and several performances you can watch along the way (jugglers, etc.)  It reminds […]

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Bahama Breeze Island Grille, Florida

By Todd Barron @ I was in Lake Buena Vista, Florida a few weeks ago and had to grab a quick business lunch while we waited for a meeting.  The hotel area has a Bahama Breeze Island Grille in it, and although it is a chain restaurant, it looked appealing enough to peak my […]

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Tycoon, Beef Pho in Memphis

By Todd Barron @ We only have an hour before the client meeting and everyone is hungry.  Someone in the group says “I know where we can go” and we follow them into a strip-mall parking lot.  The place, Tycoon, does not look amazing from the outside as it has a non-discreet sign and […]