The Best Fast Food Burger Around

By Todd Barron @

Five Guys Cheese Burger

McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, White Castle, Hardees, and others bring to mind images of wonderfully salty burgers which you enjoyed as a child but maybe not-so-much as an adult.  My kids love food from the typical chains but my taste buds have moved long past them.  I read an article the other day that a place called Five Guys Burger and Fries had pulled in the #1 vote for Best Burger.  I have heard of them before but never really bothered to try them out as they don’t offer healthy food.  This all changed a few weeks ago as I was feeling indulgent and stopped by for a burger and fries.

Their menu is simple and reminds me of Chipotle’s but for burgers.  You pick your base burger, the toppings, and the size of fries (if you want them.)  For my burger I choose grilled onions, cheese, and mayonnaise.  I watch them actually grill my burger which is a welcome change from the conveyor belt you see in other places, and its ready in a few minutes.  You actually have to walk inside, and wait a minute, but it is well worth it.

My burger is huge, with two patties, cheese between them, and grilled onions galore.  The patties are small though and add to the texture and flavor of the burger.  My bag of fries, yes an entire bag, are all freshly fried and cut well.  The burger is very tasty, juicy, and has good seasoning on it.  I especially enjoy the texture from the stacked patties and the onions add a nice kick to the entire sandwich.  I am very impressed with the burger and rank it among the best of the fast food chains out there.  It tops several non-fast-food chains as well (although it’s not as good as homemade.)

I went back with my wife and kids and they all loved it as well.  Five Guys is a bit on the expensive side compared to fast food chains but worth every penny!

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