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By Todd Barron @ FoodieCuisine.com


Every foodie has them, food items they like, that they know they are not exactly foodie worthy.  In my case, I like Waffle House.  Sure, their food is simple with menu items like pancakes, hash-browns, patty melts, eggs, bacon, etc.  And when I say bacon, no, I did not say pork bellies, shaved paper thin, and browned to perfection, although that would be the same thing.  In the world of simple food, Waffle House gets the job done, well and they do it cheaply.

It may be simple, yes, but it’s free of strange additives, with names you cannot pronounce, and they use seemingly fresh ingredients.  You can see the eggs, the bacon, and the other ingredients they use, as they cook right in front of you.  Not only are the ingredients simple, and fresh, but they come together well, and result in simply good food.  Walk in with no expectation of Haute Cuisine, and you will leave a satisfied customer, without an empty bank account.

The other day I met a friend of mine there for breakfast, and had their motor oil coffee (it is really strong), along with hash-browns, a waffle, and a side of bacon.  You order the hash-browns with cute code names, such as scattered (spread out), smothered (onions), covered (cheese), peppered (jalapenos), and diced (ham).  You can also order a double, or even a triple serving, and can make a meal out of the hash-browns alone.  They are prepared, on the open grill, cooked in butter along with the ingredients you specify, and come out crispy on top, with a nice bite in the middle, and soft on the bottom.  They are perfectly good with a little ketchup on top and my entire family loves them.

You order waffles, either normal with nothing done to them, or you can have a double order.  They used to have blueberry waffles, but I didn’t see them on the menu this time around.  The waffles are cooked perfectly, not too tough, and not too soft, but just right.  They taste great with the provided butter, spread on top, and the house syrup.

The coffee is great, I always look forward to it, and the side of bacon hit the spot.  It was grilled well, and just crispy enough, without being overdone.  The waitstaff and cooks at Waffle House are always very friendly, and the service is impeccable.  They rarely leave your sight, as the kitchen is right in front of you, and it contributes to the friendly atmosphere.

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