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Healthy Chicken Parmesan

By Todd Barron @ You don’t normally think “healthy” when you think of Chicken Parmesan but I’ve come up with a deviation that tastes good AND is good for you!  Start to finish I cooked the entire dish in 20 minutes.  And yes, there is no Parmesan cheese but you could add a little […]

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Market City Caffe in Burbank, CA

By Todd Barron @ Market City Caffe in Burbank, California, is a large restaurant that offers plenty of items to please most American-Italian tastes.  You will find most of the entrees expected along with several pasta and pizza choices and a daily special which always pleases.  The restaurant has a casual atmosphere and features […]

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Ciao’s Italian Restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas

By Todd Barron @ On the way to take the kids to an event the other night we stopped at Ciao’s Italian Restaurant in Downtown Little Rock for a quiet dinner.  Ciao’s has been around for 24+ years and used to be a place I frequented for lunch with my mother when I was […]

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Talia’s Italian in Manhattan Beach, CA

By Todd Barron @ It’s after 6pm, I’m in the Marriott Hotel by LAX, and we have no idea where to go eat dinner.  I have to wake up at 4pm to make my flight but after one more business call I have nothing to do.  Where to go? I check with the concierge, who recommends some good […]

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Calamari Steaks with Tomato Sauce

By Todd Barron @ I really enjoy cooking with calamari steaks.  They are listed as a Power Food by Weight Watchers and with good reason.  Calamari steaks are low in calories and have zero fat, and they contain many elements necessary in good, healthy food.  Not only are they low in calories and fat, […]


The Grotto, Cozy Italian Food in Boston

By Todd Barron @ My wife and I are walking around downtown Boston, looking for a place to eat dinner at on Sunday, and  it is drizzling.  It is also somewhat cold out, especially for May, and it is getting dark. Up ahead I notice a local bar, but before we get to it I also see a […]

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Ristorante Capeo, Great Italian Food in North Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ Risorante Capeo on Main Street in North Little Rock, happens to be one of my favorite restaurants, and I’ve even had a few birthday dinners there. One could say I’m biased, but I’d say I just know what I like, and Risorante Capeo is a place I like, a lot.Risorante […]

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American Pie Pizza in Maumelle

By Todd Barron @ I went with my wife and youngest son to American Pie Pizza the other night and had a really good time.  American Pie Pizza has more than one location but I’ve always gone to the one in Maumelle.  They have a very wide open area to sit in with tables in the […]