Flying Fish in Downtown Little Rock

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Grilled Salmon

There are not many places I can eat out at during the week due to my dietary preferences.  Typically I eat a turkey sandwich, grilled fish, sushi, or something else very low in calories and fat.  Luckily for me, Flying Fish of Little Rock is a block away from where I work downtown, and has one of my favorite dishes.

Flying Fish of Little Rock looks like it occupies what used to be a garage, complete with glassed-in roll up doors (which they open during the summer,) and a VERY casual atmosphere.  Billy Bass singing fish adorn the walls, along with pictures of people’s fish catches.  The entire place looks very “cheap” but is fun and fitting given the style.

When you walk in, past the dining room, you are greeted by a huge menu board.  They offer many fried items, including staples such as fried catfish, and also many grilled items such as grilled salmon.  You can order appetizers of fried jalapenos, or desserts of bread pudding.

Place your order with the guy at the register, and tell him if you want it Snappy (hot,) or Snappy Snappy (very hot.)  He will then call out your order to the cooks, take your money, and hand you a buzzer to alert you when your food is ready.  Be quick in ordering as the line will likely be stacked up behind you and people move through it quickly.  Please, do not wait until you get to the front to decide what you want.  Most of the people in line, will be workers from downtown, and they don’t have much time!

For my visits I like to order the Grilled Shrimp Kabob ($9.59), Snappy Snappy, or the Grilled Salmon ($10.99), also Snappy Snappy.  Every platter comes with rice, beans, and grilled vegetables, but I like to order double vegetables in place of rice and beans to save on calories and fat.  Oh yes, I like my food Snappy Snappy but it doesn’t taste very spicy to me.  Your mileage may vary.

Find a table after you pour your own drink, and carry your buzzer with you.  The tables come complete with a paper towel roll for napkins, and a container with multiple hot sauces and spices to modify your food if you so desire.  Personally, I like to put a little habanero sauce on my vegetables.  Depending on the time of day, you may have to wait about 10-15 minutes for your food as it is cooked to order.  You can even watch them cook it as the grill can be viewed from most tables.  Pick up your food when the buzzer goes off and leave it behind.  You are good to go at this point!

My grilled salmon is always perfectly grilled, with a nice crust of spices, and fork tender.  The lemons they give you with the food add the right hint of citrus to the fish and tastes wonderful.  I wish Flying Fish was close to my home as I would go there for dinner as well.  The food is healthy, low in fat, and tastes great.  What more can you ask for?

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