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Kentucky Fried Chicken Tenders

On the way back from visiting a client the other day, the group I was with was hungry and wanted to stop for a quick dinner.  Kentucky Fried Chicken was not my first choice given my long-standing desire to eat healthy food, but was one of only a few choices (including Taco Bell.)  I have not had KFC in a couple of years but gave it a try.

I tried to order the Grilled Chicken, which was advertised on banners in the restaurant, but was promptly told they don’t sell grilled chicken.  They proceeded to tell me how even though it was on the banners, and outdoor ads, it was not something carried by this particular store.  I don’t know if it was the suit I was wearing, or what, but a patron proceeded to tell me how “In Arkansas, everything is fried.”  I disagree with this statement by the way, but didn’t counter the claim at the time.

Given the small roadblock, I went ahead and ordered the fried chicken tenders, with a biscuit, mashed potatoes, and a diet Coke.  I know the Diet Coke won’t save the diet, but figured there was no need to add a few hundred calories to the train wreck.

They had to fry the chicken tenders, as they were out for some reason, so I waited for about 15 minutes.  The food came out, hot as expected, and actually looked pretty good given what I ordered.  The mashed potatoes were smooth with a tasty gravy, and the biscuit was a little dry, but went well with the potatoes.  I like KFC’s batter as the chicken was very crispy and had a nice spicy flavor to it.  The tenders were moist and hot, and were made of all white meat.  One tender had too much tendon and gristle in it, but the rest were just right.

Overall, my tenders were good and I enjoyed the sides.  If you are looking for fast food style fried chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken is hard to beat.

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