Sashimi – Best Teppanyaki in Arkansas

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Volcano Roll

There are not many restaurants in Maumelle, but Sashimi is one of them and it also happens to be the best Teppanyaki (also known as Hibachi) place in Arkansas.  A person can only be so lucky!

Sashimi opened in Maumelle a few years ago (I forget the exact date) and has been serving Teppanyaki style food and sushi every since.  They are on Facebookand the restaurant is owned by Tommy and Holly Kattaviravong.

My wife and I visit Sashimi about twice per week and order different items from the menu.  One of the reasons I frequent the place is because Sushi, Edamame, and grilled calamari are all low in calories and fat.  I can eat a nice meal there and never gain a pound from it!  That is saying a lot as most restaurants add to your waistline.

If you have never been to a Teppanyaki restaurant, you sit around a large griddle and watch the chef cook your food for you.  You start with a soup and salad and then watch the show.  They begin by cooking fried rice and vegetables and then move on to cook the fish, chicken, and beef.  The whole show takes about 15 minutes and is entertaining to watch, especially for any kids in your group.

Sashimi has beef, filet, fish, scallops, shrimp, calamari, and other items for sale to be cooked Teppanyaki style.  You can also order straight to a side table or the bar (where we eat almost every time) and bypass the show if you want.  They have a large sushi bar where you can watch the sushi chefs prepare their creations as well and it has plenty of seats.

It didn’t used to be on the menu but my favorite thing there is grilled calamari.  They cut large calamari steaks into cubes after it is grilled and it tastes wonderful.  I order it with a side of edamame (soy beans,) and usually order a volcano roll to split with my wife.  The volcano roll changes in the type of fish used but is my favorite when they use salmon.  All of the sushi looks and tastes wonderful so be prepared to spend several trips trying out different rolls.

I suggest you give the following rolls a try to start out: Maumelle Roll, Volcano Roll, Louisiana Roll (spicy), Superman Roll, and Valentines Roll.  There are many more and I will write down the names for my next blog about them.

All in all I have zero complaints about Sashimi and vote my opinion with repeat visits.  Give them a try.  If you live in a city near Maumelle they are worth the drive!

Sashimi Japanese Steakhouse
(501) 851-4700
1900 Club Manor
Maumelle, AR 72113
Monday – Sunday Lunch and Dinner

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