Shotgun Dan’s Pizza, Little Rock

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Shotgun Dan's Loaded Barrel Pizza

I’ve been a customer of Shotgun Dan’s Pizza for many years and my son suggested we go there last Saturday night.  We hopped in the car and drove on over.  If you have never been there (are you living under a rock?,) Shotgun Dan’s is a very casual place with a semi-old-western theme on the inside.  There are wood tables and wood booths and a couple of flat screen televisions mounted to watch football on.  They also have a salad bar should you opt for the all you can eat salad option. 

The place is usually on the messy side as I had to kick forks and pizza crust out of the way to sit down, as well as wipe crumbs off of my seat.  I suggest the owners should enforce better cleaning standards even when they are busy.  I wouldn’t let this distract you from going there, but do have an open mind.

We ordered the Golden Nuggets (~$6) for my son which is a pizza crust with cheese on top and served with a side of marinara.  Normally it’s an appetizer but he likes it as a meal and it’s big enough to serve one person.  My wife and I ordered the Loaded Barrel Pizza (~$18) which is a supreme pizza with extra toppings.  We also opted to add green olives to the pizza for an extra zing.  My son played on the arcade games while we waited for the food to show up and my wife and I watched the Razorback’s Football game on tv.

The Golden Nuggets came out and I inspected the crust to see how well they were cooked.  At first it appeared as though they were undercooked but I took a bite and was very happy with the texture.  The cheese was plentiful and very well melted and the marinara sauce is nice and spicy.  I always like the Golden Nuggets and they were as good as ever.

The Loaded Barrel pizza came out next and I asked for a side of jalapenos to put on my pizza.  The pizza once again appeared to have an undercooked crust (white on the bottom,) but the texture and taste proved me wrong.  It was very well cooked with a large amount of toppings.  After adding some red pepper flakes and Parmesan cheese, it was complete.  It had a great texture to it and the green olives add a really nice zing to the taste.  The pizza was as good as usual and is something I wish my diet would allow me to eat more often.  I’ll be back and suggest you give them a try.  Order what I did and you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Fay Ingerson says:

    When I arrived to this post I can only see an additional 50 percent of it, is this my web browser or the internet internet site? Ought to I restart?

  2. Todd Barron says:

    I checked and there are no problems with the page. You may try deleting your cache data (at your own risk.)

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