Mt Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Little Rock

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Sushi Special

Mt. Fuji Japanese restaurant has been in Little Rock for many years.  I used to go there as a teenager and was first introduced to sushi while enjoying their bento box lunches.

At the time, the lunch was quite expensive given my buying power, but I really enjoyed their terriyaki beef and other items.  Over time I learned to enjoy sushi and now I order it exclusively there and many other places.

I do not think about Mt. Fuji very often, as it has been around so long, but their sushi is really good (despite their slow service) and except on Monday’s, they are one of the better places around.

I met my father for lunch there the other day and ordered the Sushi Special ($9.99) with the Spicy Tuna roll as my roll choice.  You can pick from ten or so different rolls but I always enjoy their spicy tuna roll.  The special also comes with a ginger salad and miso soup.

My salad was nice and cold with crisp lettuce and the ginger dressing was tasty but not too tart.  The soup was a bit on the bland side, but the tofu was well cooked and overall I enjoyed it.  Ray, the sushi chef, handed us our sushi “boxes” soon after I finished my salad and it looked really good.

My spicy tuna roll had very fresh fish in it, and the rice was warm (which I like.)  The spicy sauce had a kick to it and added to the overall flavor of the roll.  My edamame was steamed well and the seaweed salad had a lot of flavor.  The nigiri was all fresh and tasted like the fish each piece was made of.  I really like the rice at Mt. Fuji, as it’s fresh and warm (not sticky and cold like some other places around town.)  The Futo Maki roll (big roll) was very tasty with cooked tuna it it, along with roe, cucumber, and some spices.

Overall I really enjoyed my lunch and was reminded why I have been going to Mt. Fuji for so long.  Avoid the Monday $1 Sushi night where they get rid of the previous weeks inventory and you will not be disappointed.

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