Tycoon, Beef Pho in Memphis

By Todd Barron @ FoodieCuisine.com

Beef Pho

We only have an hour before the client meeting and everyone is hungry.  Someone in the group says “I know where we can go” and we follow them into a strip-mall parking lot.  The place, Tycoon, does not look amazing from the outside as it has a non-discreet sign and is in a neutral looking strip mall.

We walk in and I am not impressed.  The decor appears to be from the 90s and there are pictures of food on the check-out booth by the door.  I have a saying about places with pictures of food, but I won’t say it here.

We sit down, order waters to drink, and wait a few minutes for the waitress to show back up.  It takes some time but she comes back and I order the Beef Pho.  Normally I would not order Beef Pho, a Vietnamese dish, in a Chinese restaurant, but what the heck.

The food takes a long time to come out.  Almost an hour has passed actually, but the food does finally arrive. My pho looks amazing.  It is steaming hot, with slices of beef on top, and a mound of noodles under a shimmering broth.

I let my soup cool off a bit and dig in.  The first sip leaves me with a flavor explosion as the soup has an immense depth to it.  The beef, onion, basil, and spices have blended perfectly into a succulent aromatic broth.  Everything works and I love it.  The beef is very tender and has a lot of flavor to it.  The noodles are thinner than I am used to and are cooked just right.  I wish I lived in Memphis as the Pho is the best I have had in a long time.

If I am back in town, in the area, I definitely will be back.

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  1. GastroStu says:

    Very few things more satisfying than noodles in a tasty broth. Looks delicious.

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