Pho-tastic Vietnamese Food in Little Rock

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Pho - Vietnamese Noodle Soup

Pho Thanh My opened up recently off of Shackleford by the Kroger.  They replaced a gyro shop that opened and closed before I got a chance to visit and I didn’t want to let history repeat itself.  I stopped by for lunch a couple of Fridays ago and have been looking forward to each repeat visit.  That’s right, I’ve been back once already and plan on going back again this week!  It’s that good.

They advertise as a Vietnamese Noodle restaurant and you won’t go wrong by ordering exactly that.  It’s called Pho and consists of thin noodles at the bottom of a huge bowl covered in an aromatic broth.  The broth has an amazing amount of flavor and the fresh basil they give you adds a fragrant quality both in smell and flavor.  The soup is served with lime, jalapeno slices (fresh,) and fresh bean sprouts.  Each item served with the soup adds flavor that I highly recommend. 

For my visit I ordered Pho with Steak and Brisket ($7.95), also called Pho #4, and waited for it to be prepared.  Pho is made by pouring the broth over the noodles but then adding raw meat to the soup.  The heat of the broth cooks the meat before it makes its way to the table and the result is very tender meat with a depth of flavor that can’t be had otherwise. 

My soup was outstanding and I didn’t have to add anything to it for flavor.  This was unusual as I find myself adding siracha, soy, or other condiments to my food at other Vietnamese places but I didn’t have to at Pho Thanh My.  It had the perfect blend of salt, acid (from the lime,) and heat from the fresh jalapeno slices.  The only bad part of my meal came at the end when I was full and could eat no more.

I’ve been back and had the Pho with Steak and Meatballs ($7.95) but don’t recommend it as highly.  The soup is just as good as the other one but I don’t care for the meatballs.  They are too dense and spongy for my liking.  I will be back though and plan on going back this Friday for good old Pho #4.

(501) 312-7498
Little Rock
302 N Shackleford Rd
Little Rock, AR 72211

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