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Vina Pho and Grill – Beef Pho

By Todd Barron @ I had Beef and Brisket Pho at Vina Pho and Grill today in Boulder, Colorado. The broth was light and somewhat simple, but the beef added extra flavor to the Pho and I really enjoyed the generous amounts of basil and jalapeño provided. Tweet

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Healthy Grilled Swordfish

Ingredients Half pound piece of fresh swordfish (steak) 1 lemon 1 bunch romaine lettuce 1 small tomato Olive oil Balsamic vinegar Brown mustard Salt Pepper Prep Coat the swordfish steak with olive oil, lemon juice, and sprinkle with salt and pepper, let marinate for 10 minutes Heat grill to 450 degrees F Dice tomato Mix […]

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Dinner and Lunch at Copper Grill in Little Rock

By Todd Barron @ The Copper Grill in Downtown Little Rock is owned and operated by Capers which opened in 1997 and Cajuns Wharf which opened in 1975.  I really enjoy both Capers and Cajuns, except for the period of time when Cajun’s was known as Landry’s. Walking with a group from the office, […]


The Ultimate “Home” BBQ Smoker, the FEC-100

By Todd Barron @ A couple of years ago I received a nice bonus and ordered a Cookshack FEC-100 BBQ Smokerwith some of the proceeds.  My wife was nice enough to let me do this and we (yes, we) have never regretted the choice.  The Cookshack FEC-100 is a commercial meat smoker that is […]

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Bonefish Grill – Land-locked Seafood in Little Rock

by Todd Barron @ I don’t normally review chain restaurants but had the desire for seafood the other night and Bonefish Grillwas the “best” choice given my attire (not fancy dressed) and the time I had to plan (almost zero.)  We thought about going to Cajuns but decided against it.  My wife and I […]

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Boudreaux’s – Cajun Food in Maumelle

by Todd Barron @ Updated 9-7-2010 The restaurant Boudreaux’s Bar and Grillis a Cajun themed bar and grill located on the outskirts of Maumelle and took over the old location of Pasta Jack’s.  If you never went there before, Pasta Jack’s was probably the worst Italian restaurant I’ve ever been to.  It was more […]

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Tips for Grilling Steak

By Todd Barron @ I had a small dinner party over the weekend for my wife and some friends.  For the party I made the following: Arugula salad with homemade vinaigrette, sliced macadamia nut pieces, and fresh tomato Homemade pasta ravioli filled with French goat cheese, topped with a sage/butter sauce and fresh corn […]

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Border Grill – Las Vegas

By Todd Barron @ One day at the conference I was attending in LasVegas I only had about an hour, start to finish, to eat lunch. Border Grill is located in Mandalay Bay, where the conference was so I booked a reservation for 1pm for two.  Border Grill is run by chefs Mary Sue Milliken […]