Little Caesars Pizza in Maumelle

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Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza

There’s not much to cheer about when it comes to Little Caesars Pizza.  They are the only fast-food pizza place around and have about the lowest quality of pizza that you can expect.  But heck, at under $6 for a Large Pepperoni Pizza you can’t really go wrong.  I mean, frozen pizzas in the grocery store cost more! 

The other great thing about Caesars is the speed.  Show up to the drive through window, pay your $6, they give you a pizza immediately, and you are done.  You don’t have to wait or call ahead, it’s always “fresh and ready.”

Little Caesars Pizza also is enjoyed by my kids.  When I cook something I know my son won’t like, we typically pick him up a Caesars Pizza and he’s perfectly happy.  It’s also easier on the budget since he gets a pizza he likes a lot and I don’t have to spend $20 on food he doesn’t want.  

Their pizza is also good for sleep-overs and other party events where kids are invovled.  We throw a New Years Eve party sometimes and will order several Little Caesars Pizzas for the kids that come over.  I cook a ton of things for the adults but the kids would rather have the fast-food pizza.

If you want something fast, and cheap, that your kids will like, you can’t really go wrong with them.

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